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Researchers at I³R are developing the technologies and solutions that improve lives.

Cultivate IQ

Status: Open

Goal of this project

To develop and commercialize the Cultivate IQ software platform.

With large industrial farms dominating production and global trade expanding, local farms have increasingly struggled to connect to distributors and food buyers. I3R is addressing this challenge through Cultivate IQ, an AI data insights software platform funded by the National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator Grant, designed to connect small and medium-sized farms to distributors. Offering transparency and useful information across the food supply chain, this tool will allow farmers to know what to grow, how much to grow, and who to sell it to.

Human: The World Within

I³R’s Adaptive Neural Systems Group exemplifies the Institute and its people – driven by purpose. Watch their groundbreaking work in restoring sense of touch to individuals with limb loss, featured in the episode “React” on Human: The World Within on Netflix and PBS