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The Institute for Integrative and Innovative Research (I³R) at the University of Arkansas is the new model of public research and economic development, working with commercial, philanthropic, non-profit, and governmental organizations to deliver positive societal impact. It is about bringing the discoveries of the future to the world in real-time.

You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with purpose-driven coworkers in one of the fastest-growing and most naturally beautiful regions in the U.S. You’ll join a growing team of visionary researchers and thought-leaders dedicated to working with a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem to deliver innovative solutions.

I³R is committed to building a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive team and cultivating a welcoming atmosphere where all opinions are valued, all voices are heard, and ideas become reality.

Hiring Opportunities

Prototype and Fabrication Manager

This position will lead and direct day-to-day operations in relation to product development, prototype creation, the product development lab, procurement of materials needed, as well as the scheduling and execution of related projects. The individual must be passionate about innovation and be a self- starter but be able to work in a team environment.

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Lab Scientist and Manager I

The Institute is seeking a Lab Scientist and Manager to support pre-clinical vertebrate animal model studies and laboratory management for a multi-faculty research group.

Duties of the Lab Scientist and Manager include, among other things:

  • conducting and or assisting with preclinical acute and chronic vertebrate animal research studies, including animal anesthesia, monitoring of health-vitals, and surgical procedures, and
  • using principles of neuroscience, biology, mathematics to solve problems and support research.

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Post-Doctoral Fellow (Current and Anticipated Future Openings)

The Post Doctoral Fellow at I³R will work as a member of the research team and will participate in data collection activities, develop tools for efficient and reliable data collection, and prepare reports and publications of research results in areas that cover food tech and health tech sectors. They will focus on the translation of basic research to design and development of products, technologies, and subsequent deployment.

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Arkansas & Northwest Arkansas

The State of Arkansas is distinguished by its entrepreneurial spirit. It is also a place of great natural beauty – pristine rivers, soaring mountains and majestic woodlands. Visit to learn more.

I³R attracts leading researchers and thought leaders through these unique resources and through partnerships with the members of our growing local and regional ecosystem. Organizations like the Northwest Arkansas Council, Heartland Forward and HealthTech Arkansas are all committed to the long-term growth, success and enrichment of our state, region and world.

Northwest Arkansas is regularly featured among the best places to live in America.